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I'm a guy with now 14 years, I just like to make music, my favorites instruments are Violin, Piano and flute. I live in Argentina and I like to see if I can play another songs in flute like "Numb - Linkin Park" (Yeah, it sounds crazy but I did =D).

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My influences and my little history...

Posted by Bru2712 - December 29th, 2008

Hey! you should be asking... why do I like doing music? what makes me compose? well... I'm sure nobody is asking right now :P but cause I'm bored Imma tell you the reason to be here... (BTW it's useless to read that else if you wanna know a bit more about me):
When I had my second celphone, a Nokia 3200, I was all day downloading thingys, and I had headphone, so to me was a game to put them up and look how much instruments the MIDI had, like that wasn't brilliant, but I wanted to do something like that... but there didn't even start, all started when I was younger... maybe 12 or 11, I was on Rosario which is not my native city, I was searching for games in a web page, when I saw "Screamball"... it is a simple game, really simple... but what called me the attention was... the music... I was really impresed of it, so, I was getting in game just to listen the song lol that's hilarious, but... once I saw there the credits... in the main thingy lol it said "Reasoner" and... I clicked it yay! ^_^ that guy is awesome, really good... and I said "I need to be that great". Obviously I was so far away... I didn't even know that to compose you have to know MIDI lol, but that guy there kept my attention on composing, the only instrument I knew was flute :), then... I was on "Youtube Streams" talking with a friends, and I left the play buttom on while I went to do something I dun remember what >_< and I started hearing a song... that was this one:

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And I was like "WTF thanks for adding that o.O".
It makes me remember my happy times T^T, well Imma not go offtopic lol...
Then I heared Alpha - Vangelis in a video referer to LHC lol o.e (Large Hadron Collider) so... that's another influence, cause it was like all... like that was great ^_^'', all this made me think: I wanna be one of them O.O, yeah that sounds like... like I'm an idiot maybe I'm o.e.
Then I downloaded FL Studio 8... the first time I opened it I was like "WTF???? What da hell are all those buttons O.O'' " and I slowly understanded the interface... it's not hard... I was touching everywhere :D like now I have problems and I can't compose in peace cuz that one... well... let's continue...
Once I had it I just thought it just allows me to use the drumbs lol the presets one... then I went into the samples and explorer everywhere... my favorite one was "Sytrus - Space singers" and "Sytrus - Heaven".
All after that were borings tryings to make something decent... till I discovered I love piano X3, the song was called "Let me be" and it was a demo when I used the first time some screeshoots to save it, every pattern >_<, another good one was "Welcome to heart" (It was mean to be "Welcome to my heart" by the way)..., then other good song was "Heaven sing", when I discovered "Sytrus - Trancechorder", I still using it... now I see the better instruments are Piano, Flute, Violin and thrumpet =D...
Now I have to go to sleep *Yawns*... my current influences are... Reasoner, Vangelis, Skillet (Specially the song "Collide"), MilkMan-Dan, and others ones =D...
Thats a long, useless, incomplete and weird history but... told ya, I was bored! :D.

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It wasn't uesless information at all! I shall do my own &quot;history&quot; of myself as well. :) If you're interested, just read on when I make one. :D Anyways, it was fun reading up on your blog. It made it even more fun while listening to the song, lol. It's good to know where you started and what influenced you to start. And with you being so young [14 I believe?]... you've got a lot of time to get much better. I even notice the difference from when you first started. And that's awesome! Cause I wanna keep listening to your songs til the end of the world. Keep the music going my friend!

Thanks ^_^, I being at this age cause I don't really care about it... I lost 12 ages without making something productive in my life... it's really a lot of time wasted... so I started it cause I wanna be good... lol anyways... Imma be better when I'm gonna go piano class, I hope this new year (2009) =D, I wanna start singing when Imma be 18 (The minimun required to start with it) then when Imma be 22 and I finish piano I wanna start Violin ^_^ also I would love to learn electric guittar lol...
About the trumpet in the song... I can't get how to make it sound good or better so Imma try sometime again if I have the time ^_^"... right now I'm working on a song with my kb but it's not brilliant :(.
Thanks for the coment ^_^'' (And reading all this o.e).