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I'm a guy with now 14 years, I just like to make music, my favorites instruments are Violin, Piano and flute. I live in Argentina and I like to see if I can play another songs in flute like "Numb - Linkin Park" (Yeah, it sounds crazy but I did =D).


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Yes T_T.


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Posted by Bru2712 - July 22nd, 2010

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I hope you like it

Posted by Bru2712 - July 21st, 2010

Hey! what's up? Linkin Park just made a contest :D Linkin Park (Myspace)

And I made my submision, I'm so excited:

Bru - The Catalyst

Go on if you want, and if you like it, vote, and if you dont like it, dont (Duh).
Coments are much apreciated.

Posted by Bru2712 - December 29th, 2008

Hey! you should be asking... why do I like doing music? what makes me compose? well... I'm sure nobody is asking right now :P but cause I'm bored Imma tell you the reason to be here... (BTW it's useless to read that else if you wanna know a bit more about me):
When I had my second celphone, a Nokia 3200, I was all day downloading thingys, and I had headphone, so to me was a game to put them up and look how much instruments the MIDI had, like that wasn't brilliant, but I wanted to do something like that... but there didn't even start, all started when I was younger... maybe 12 or 11, I was on Rosario which is not my native city, I was searching for games in a web page, when I saw "Screamball"... it is a simple game, really simple... but what called me the attention was... the music... I was really impresed of it, so, I was getting in game just to listen the song lol that's hilarious, but... once I saw there the credits... in the main thingy lol it said "Reasoner" and... I clicked it yay! ^_^ that guy is awesome, really good... and I said "I need to be that great". Obviously I was so far away... I didn't even know that to compose you have to know MIDI lol, but that guy there kept my attention on composing, the only instrument I knew was flute :), then... I was on "Youtube Streams" talking with a friends, and I left the play buttom on while I went to do something I dun remember what >_< and I started hearing a song... that was this one:

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And I was like "WTF thanks for adding that o.O".
It makes me remember my happy times T^T, well Imma not go offtopic lol...
Then I heared Alpha - Vangelis in a video referer to LHC lol o.e (Large Hadron Collider) so... that's another influence, cause it was like all... like that was great ^_^'', all this made me think: I wanna be one of them O.O, yeah that sounds like... like I'm an idiot maybe I'm o.e.
Then I downloaded FL Studio 8... the first time I opened it I was like "WTF???? What da hell are all those buttons O.O'' " and I slowly understanded the interface... it's not hard... I was touching everywhere :D like now I have problems and I can't compose in peace cuz that one... well... let's continue...
Once I had it I just thought it just allows me to use the drumbs lol the presets one... then I went into the samples and explorer everywhere... my favorite one was "Sytrus - Space singers" and "Sytrus - Heaven".
All after that were borings tryings to make something decent... till I discovered I love piano X3, the song was called "Let me be" and it was a demo when I used the first time some screeshoots to save it, every pattern >_<, another good one was "Welcome to heart" (It was mean to be "Welcome to my heart" by the way)..., then other good song was "Heaven sing", when I discovered "Sytrus - Trancechorder", I still using it... now I see the better instruments are Piano, Flute, Violin and thrumpet =D...
Now I have to go to sleep *Yawns*... my current influences are... Reasoner, Vangelis, Skillet (Specially the song "Collide"), MilkMan-Dan, and others ones =D...
Thats a long, useless, incomplete and weird history but... told ya, I was bored! :D.